The biggest mistakes made by new bloggers!

Today I have tried to share with you in this article "The biggest mistakes made by new bloggers!", what exactly new bloggers are doing wrong...

The rate at which the demand for blogging is constantly increasing. We are also not far behind. There is a lot of blogging going on in our country now.

But most of the time, you can't expect anything from blogging. But why?

In fact, blogging is being continued with a very simple mind at the present time. And the subject is being started by new ones with extremely simple thoughts.

But, when the simple thing is starting to get harder. Since then the problem has started.

By the way, I sometimes use Quora. Almost every blogger uses Quora.

But I can say, many of them don't have proper labels about blogging, which is why they start blogging with great enthusiasm. And after some time blogging has to be stopped.

Dear reader, you understand that today I am going to discuss very important things.

If you're a new blogger or want to start blogging, you must read the full article.

A lot of new things are going to be found today.

The biggest mistakes made by new bloggers!

In the first case, there is very little knowledge of everything properly. Then if the subject is like this, everything you are learning or doing is completely tie wrong.

But how can you do blogging, tell me?

For which, it is very important to look at everything. Like has been followed by Zero as a hero at times. So what are you expecting from him?

So anyway, let's find out now about the mistakes made by new bloggers that you should always avoid.

Mistake 1: Choosing a Domain Name

It is very important to make your blog name, domain selection, correct. I know many people who have left domain names as they wish.

Don't buy an expired domain. Remember that the identity of your blog and your identity will bear the name of your blog. For which you have to go with something standard.

Many don't show much head talk about domain selection. What does it matter in that domain is to take a domain with the title?

Either brother, it does a lot. From the reputation of your blog to your future, a perfect domain can pack everything.

So the domain selection has to be done correctly at the beginning.

Mistake 2: Not Going Self-Hosted / Free Hosting

You can get thousands of tips to create websites at no cost if you do a little Google or YouTube.

But, are you benefiting from all this? Nothing.

Listen since you started blogging as a habit, you can work a little seriously and see how you can earn a living from the habit.

And you will also face many problems creating websites for free. Then you won't want to do blogging to fix this problem.

You can say, brother, I started with Google blogger, but? In fact, you can't enjoy blogging completely.

You have to compromise on a lot. You're a Self-Hosted website and then start to understand how simple everything is.

The last thing about everything, if you're thinking of starting new blogging! But you must Self-Hosted with your website.

Mistake 3: Choosing Bad Hosting

In the beginning, not only you but not everyone has enough budget. And that is why you have to accept suffering.

If you've created a website with very bad hosting in the beginning. But you have to face a lot of problems.

Research properly before you select hosting, then buy hosting. Just because of bad hosting your blogging can go a lot worse.

Many people don't care much about it. But if you are blogging or starting new, you must be aware of the hosting election.

Mistake 4: Choosing a Bad Theme

I can say very much that everyone from the new to the middle stages makes the same mistake.

Theme selection, ah theme will be the same. Others don't retreat to use very heavy themes.

Remember, if you don't select the theme properly. You can't rank Google.

There are several other problems with your website.

You can use free themes if you don't have a budget at the beginning. But refrain from using too heavy or badly coded themes at the beginning.

Mistake 5: Website Speed Optimization

After a complete website has been created, the moment's work is to customize the website properly. But no one cares about it like that.

Let's say you're using too good hosting. But after your entire website has been set up, you mean that your website's speed is not very good.

But, after being able to understand this, you must pay close attention to optimizing your website.

Because at present no one from search engines to visitors likes slow loading websites.

For tie, you must look at website speed optimization from the beginning.

Mistake 6: Violating Copyright

Always try to write on your own. Some copies from here, a little more from another area! Never do it like this.

Google is currently super-intelligent, your copying story will be easily captured.

And any other blog's images, media, files have to stop being used without their permission.

You will face a lot of problems. And if you're using something they create from a blog, do it with proper credit.

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Mistake 7: Ignoring SEO

New bloggers don't focus on SEO and even they post a lot of quality content without SEO no one is going to find the blog and read the post.

You can use a plugin to manage the SEO of your website. A plugin can't do everything to you on your own. 

You need to learn some basics of SEO and then start implementing it to your website.

Don't just think plugin since everything in your blog has become completely SEO optimized. You have to focus on the Off-Page SEO of your website. 

If you want a detailed post on Off-Page SEO then comment down and I will definitely make a detailed post on it.

Mistake 8: Writing Poor Headlines

Yes, I know new bloggers make this mistake a little too much. To correct the headlines of the article before writing the article on your blog.

Headlines have to be created in a way that seems much more interesting to read. Try to create headlines that will interest you in reading the full article by looking at the headlines of the article.

That is, headlines have to be created in a way that you will want to read the full article of the reader of your blog after visiting.

But while creating such headlines, do not give any false or incorrect information. Which does not match the point of your entire article.

Mistake 9: Poor Writing

It is natural for everyone not to have a good quality of writing at the beginning. But you have to improve the quality of your writing healthily and healthily.

Remember that you can write just as beautifully as you can. The quality and day-by-day of your blogging will start getting as much as you can.

Not just tie, if your writing quality is very good and the article you write can understand the reader of your blog correctly.

But then your blog reader will also be interested in reading other articles you have written.

And if your writing quality is not good. But after reading a few lines, the reader will leave your blog. So always try to keep the quality of writing an article well.

Mistake 11: Not Choosing a Strong Niche

It is very wise to selected niche and blogging. Because you want to start blogging if you are unrepentant when you see someone. But you will never be able to make it work.

For which, you have to start blogging with a good and your favorite niche from the beginning.

And such a niche has to be selected. On which you will have tea. That means you need to pick such topics before you start blogging.

You can write about what you are somewhat aware of or about.

Remember if you have selected a niche that has no readers. But you can't do anything by blogging with such dissension. At first, you have to do a good selection of niche at the beginning.\

Mistake 12: Not Choosing The Right Permalink Structure

New bloggers often don't pay attention to this issue. But of course, it's very important to permalink your blog properly to make the SEO friendly and get the article you write to ring.

Always use your Post Name to create Permalink

For example, uses a year, month, date, or number for permalink.

And use keywords to create a permalink. 

For example,  so always keep a special eye on creating permalinks.

Mistake 13: Expecting Instant Results

I can help to say that almost all the new people who are starting or doing blogging want to see or get blogging results in the fastest time.

For example, within a few days, blog slot, money-making started in a very short time, etc.

Let me tell you, if you are blogging new, don't expect any results from blogging in a very quick time.

Because blogging can't do anything in a faster time. You have to spend a lot of time on blogging.

At first, have to learn blogging properly. Then start getting good results from blogging at some point.

But this time depends on you. You will get the result the way you are blogging.

I repeat, if you are a new blogger, give up hope of some results at the fastest time, give time to blogging properly. Only then will you see that you have started getting good results.

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Today I have tried to share with you in this article " The biggest mistakes made by new bloggers!", what exactly new bloggers are doing wrong and why these mistakes should not be made by you as a new blogger.

The Solution: Keep at it, even when it seems like a struggle. Work on your craft, create quality content and be consistent. If you take those steps, it will pay off in the long run.

If you are a new blogger and have done or are making the mistakes described above.

But that's time to change now. Because of these mistakes, you have to gain a lot of momentum to become a good blogger.

Your review of this article?