How Malware is Being Delivered with Windows 11!

How Malware is Being Delivered with Windows 11!

Downloading Windows 11 on your PC/Laptop can be dangerous for you. It can fill your device with malware. If you already downloaded Windows 11 and Installed it, but forgot to verify the source from which you downloaded it, then there's a chance that a malware may be present in your computer, damaging the system's software. 

In its latest report on Windows 11 by Kaspersky. Kaspersky has warned users that if they are downloading Windows from a source that is not Microsoft, they may have received malware along with the OS. Because Windows 11 is yet to be released officially. Currently, the prerelease build is formally available for download and preview.

How is Malware Delivered with Windows 11?

Numerous people are adopting different methods to download the OS to feel the experience of Windows 11 before it's official release. Windows 11 download is available from the Microsoft website, but it is a trap while cybercriminals manage to lure unsuspecting users with some additional benefits.

As soon as a user accepts this offer, malware is downloaded to their computer. According to Kaspersky, cybercriminals send malware to users who are thinking of upgrading their PC with Windows 11.

How do I get Windows 11 Now?

You can effectively download Windows 11 without exposing your computer to malware, but only if you do so from official sources. 

Moreover, note that Windows 11 is officially only available to participants in the Windows Insider program, and you'll need to register for it.

You can follow this page for joining for Windows Insider Program.