How to Secure Google Account from Hackers?

Do you have a Google Account? Learn How you can Secure it from Hackers

Nowadays, almost everyone has a Google Account. Users also use Google account on daily basis. But, have you ever wondered how secure your account is? Or How To Protect Your Google Account From Hackers?

It is necessary to think so because the stories of social media fraud are increasing day by day. Recently one such news has come to the fore from LinkedIn. On which according to a report, 700 million accounts have been hacked. Such news keeps coming every day.

How to Secure Google Account from Hackers?

Learn how you can keep your Google Account Secure from Hackers.

1. Google Account: Security Check-up

To keep your Google Account secure, you should regularly check the security of your account with the 'Security Checkup' tool. This can be done from your phone, tablet or computer.

This is a step-by-step guide that gives you personalized and actionable recommendations that can help secure your Google Account.

2. Google Account: Password Security

It is important to choose a strong password for your Google Account. You can choose a strong password yourself or use the one suggested by Google. You can also save your passwords to your Google Account for easy access.

If you want to check the strength and security of your saved passwords, you can do a quick password check. Google also warns you if any of your passwords have been tampered with.

3. Google Account: Two-Step Verification

Your Google account is password protected but that is not enough. For a more secure login, you should enable two-step verification in your Google Account. Once you do, Google will always alert you when you're trying to sign in to a new device.

It will also ask you for permission to allow login. Google also offers an advanced protection program for accounts that are at risk of a target online attack.

4. Google Account: Secure Connection

To keep your Google Account secure, it's important to use a secure connection. Alerts you to use the Google public network.

If you ever want to use a public network, then Google will give you a warning in the address bar that if your connection to any site is secure or not.

5. Gmail: Dangerous Emails

Scamming and phishing are still very common, and hackers have come up with different ways to reach you through your Gmail. It's important to be aware of emails that sound suspicious. It can also happen through text message and call.

It is important to double-check websites before clicking on them. You should also be wary of emails that ask for your personal information.

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