About Me!

I know, if you are reading this, then you must have wondered about who's writing articles about your specific need, it's none other than Aman Chourasia. Yes, it's me  :D

Just, not wasting more of your time, here's how my blog started.

In the covid-era, 2020 to 2021, i was sitting at home with a laptop on my face. I wake up in the morning, to do my classes, which were online, then to watch other study lectures, i was on my laptop.

Suddenly, i started reading articles on dev.to and reddit.com and medium.com and many other sites, then i hopped around and searched, about why do people write blogs. Then i came to know, that people write blog's for the following reasons:-

1. To earn money

2. To organize their information inside their head.

3. To help others, solve their problems

I gave it a deep thought, and thought, it will be a good idea, to create a blog on Blogger.com. At this point of time, i did not have any idea, of what i will write on the blog, what will be my niche, what will be my target audience, etc...

Then as, i have no physical teacher or friends to talk and discuss, i searched Youtube.com for how do i start a blog. I found many useful videos at that point of time, for example, a youtube creater named "MrVyas" helped me start and clear the fundamentals of blogging. I am really thankful to him.

On further research, i knew there were 2 people in the feild of blogging. The first one is the wordpress user, and the other one is the blogger.com user. I searched for both the twos, and found both equally useful for my use case.

As i didn't want much fancy seo, nor my motive was to make money through adsense, i started to learn about blogging, i created many blogs, backlinked them to form a group of blogging sites, experimented, with different things like exploring blogger themes, improving the pagespeed score.

And for the whole lockdown, i learnt and experimented. This was not the first, time i was dealing with web apps, so this was not a big deal for me. I was just learning, how to publish, how to write, how to make seo friendly websites, how to submit websites to search engines, etc. 

At the starting of 2021, on the day of 26th January, GoDaddy.com came up with a republic day offer, which said, Rs. 99 for 1st year, and 799 for the next year, for a .in domain name. I told my father, that i was learning about blogs in the past lockdown, and now i want to buy a domain name so that i could start my blogging journey, and upgrade with my course learnings.

My father, instantly, agreed, as it was just a matter of Rs. 99, and i purchased the domain name on 26th of January, 2021. Great day, great start.

Everything was fine, until, i set up my blog and wanted to publish articles. I had no idea, what to post, so i waited for another 7 days to structure my first blog post. But after 7 days, i was more confused to post, than on the 1st day. 

So, i made my mind calm, and told myself, until and unless, i get an idea, i will keep posting what i learnt during the past 6 months, about blogging.

As i had very little experiened with wordpress, i installed it on my localhost, and side by side figured out how it was actually working. The first blog post i posted, was about Blogger. And then i continued, posting about blogger, as i have a great understanding of how it works. 

Let me tell, you that i am from the era, when blogger had two versions, one was the "Old Version" and another one was "New Version", it was basically, the old look and feel of the website, with a few options and settings here and there. Imagine it like the new reddit site, and the old reddit site.

So, after posting, about 60 articles on blogger, i submitted my website for adsense and it got approved in  29 - 30 days (i don't remeber the exact day). And i was happy, that i can now earn a little bit money from my blog. 

And from there, i kept posting about my learnings, and i never ran out of ideas, slowly ai came in the end of 2022, i started improving and experiminting with ai written articles. And in the year, 2023, i took a break from my blog. It was because, i wanted to be relaxed, and this year was the best i could rest onto.

And this is how i started this blog, that you're now visiting and enjoying :)

Here' are some of my contact details, if you wish to contact me you can.

Ugh, i don't remeber more. 

Please don't think, i am active in all the platforms, all the time, no it's not the case, i have an account, and i rarely check any social media. So it will be best for you to contact me via Email, as i am a regular inbox viewer.

Fact: If you are a hacker, then you can't OSINT me, after reading this.

Here is the list of technologies that i've learn't or learning. My techstack is in svg format, and available on github, you can check it out.

So, let's end this here.

Thank you for your time, God bless you!