I’m Aman Chourasia, the founder and author of this blog. I’m a Student by profession, an Writer by choice, and a Blogger by passion.

I’m obsessed with learning about Machine Learning, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and Content Writing.

I’m focusing on growing; in every aspect of my life.

I feel no need to prove myself to the world with a forced behavior but rather let the gravity of my presence speaks for itself.

My purpose in life is to emit love and joy to others, simply being who I am.

I believe that the simple deeds we perform with heart are much more rewarding than other outward recognition and praise.

The idea behind bringing this website is to provide quality information and knowledge to people.

AmanChourasia.in is your one-stop blog to get all the information related to Blogging, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Related things.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to this website to grab the best of my knowledge.