How to Setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger?

How to Setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger?

Do you want to setup Cloudflare CDN to your blogger website? Follow the below steps carefully to enjoy a faster and safer website. Before proceeding further, first let's understand what is Cloudflare, and how it secures a website and increases the speed of a website. 

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare provides a CDN (Content Delivery Network) company. It helps in improving the security and performance of any website and blog with the help of its global network.

The job of Cloudflare CDN is to provide website and blog data as per the request of your visitor from the data center located near the visitor through the global CDN present around the world.

For example, if Cloudflare CDN is used in a blog, and the hosting server of that blog is in India. But if an American visitor wants to browse this blog, then Cloudflare CDN will make the data of that website available to the visitor through its US data center, which will make your website fast loading.

Thus Cloudflare CDN provides website and blog data according to the location of the visitors through its data centers located around the world. Which improves the speed and performance of our website. For example, if someone is a visitor from Singapore, Cloudflare will use the data center in Singapore, if there is a visitor from Sri Lanka, Cloudflare will use the data center in Sri Lanka.

Cloudflare CDN has about 152 data centers around the world so far. The larger the worldwide network of any CDN, the better it will work and provide security for websites and blogs.

Who should use Cloudflare CDN?

Any website and blog owner who wants to improve the security and performance of their website and blog can use Cloudflare CDN. Its basic service is free, for which no money is charged.

Cloudflare CDN can be activated for any type of websites like WordPress blog, any type of CMS system, personal website, any large company website, ecommerce site etc. Cloudflare is already present in the cPanel of most hosting companies, from where you can activate Cloudflare for free. Its CDN can also be activated by signing up to the Cloudflare site.

How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

1. Create a Cloudflare Account

Go to the Official Cloudflare website and then click on the Sign-Up Button, then register yourself with an email and a strong password.

Creating a Cloudflare Account - How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

2. Enter your Domain Name

In this step, you have to enter the domain name / website address without www, i.e. and click on the Add Site button.

Enter your Domain Name - How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

3. Choose your Plan

Now Cloudflare will ask you to choose a plan. You can choose the free plan or the pro plan ($20 per month) and click on continue.

In the free plan, you will get some basic features like Global CDN, Free SSL, DDoS attack protection, and many more features which is more than sufficient for Blogger.

Choose your Plan - How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

In the pro version, you will get the enhanced firewall protection, image optimization, cache analytics, mobile optimizations, and more.

4. Setup DNS Record

Here Cloudflare will automatically add the required DNS settings of your website from your domain name registrar like GoDaddy and show you in the Cloudflare dashboard. Then click on the continue button.

Setup DNS Record - How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

5. Change your Default Nameserver

After clicking on continue you will see a new window asking you to change your nameserver.

Change your Default Nameserver - How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

Now login to your domain name service provider (Here Godaddy) account and go to the DNS setting. Here you have to remove your default nameservers and add the Cloudflare provided nameserver on it.

As shown in the below image you have to chose the option called "I'll use my own Nameserver" and paste the Cloudflare provided nameserver.

Nameserver Change in Godaddy - How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

Now your domain provider may take some time to propagate the nameserver to Cloudflare. It may take an hour or in some cases maximum of 24 hours to fully transfer the name server.

Don't worry Cloudflare will send you a confirmation email after the successful nameservers transfer.

Now click on the Done Check Nameservers button on Cloudflare.

6. Setup Basic Cloudflare Settings

After proceeding with the above steps Cloudflare ask you to run some basic settings given below. 

Setup Basic Cloudflare Settings - How to setup Cloudflare CDN with Blogger

Turn on the following options:-

  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
  • Always use HTTPS
  • Auto minify (HTML, CSS and Javascript)
  • Brotli (same as Gzip compression)

Now you have successfully linked your blogger website with cloudflare, if you face any difficulties you can ask me in the comment section.


  • To answer your question, YES, you can use Cloudflare if you have a Blogger site with a Custom Domain, but NO, you can't if you are using a *. address.

  • Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is a distributed network of servers that provides numerous benefits for a website. Such as caching website content, Cloudflare helps improve page load speeds, reduce bandwidth usage, and reduce CPU usage on the server.

  • Any website and blog owner who wants to improve the security and performance of their website and blog can use Cloudflare CDN. Its basic service is free, for which no money is charged.


Cloudflare CDN is a great way to improve page loading speed in Blogger and it is very easy to connect your Blogger website with Cloudflare.

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