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Hi, there. In this blog post, i am not gonna tell you about any tools, apps, or any thing realted to it, as i post. This is not going to be a normal post.

I am gonna cover the following point in this post:-

  • What content to expect next?

So, why am i telling you? It's because, i am starting a new style of writing blog posts, and publishing content. It will not be as earlier, it was. Now, it's time to change!

Alright, from now onwards, i am going to publish my articles that resonate to what am i, that i am learning. This, is because, i just published, what i wanted to publish, and i now, want to move forward in publishing content.

This is because, i am still a learner, and i am learning so much things that i couldn't remember. Writing on notebooks works sometimes, but i am not going to open a notebook after few years just to see what content i have written. Maybe the notebook is lost or missing, what will i do? 

At last, i just wanna say, i hope you understand my situation, i created this blog, to organize the information related to Guides, and slowly moved towards trending topics, like Chrome extensions, Artificial Intelligence, and then i started to publish a detailed list of the best tools, that could help you.

But from now onwards, i am going to publish, what i learn.

Thank you for your time. God Bless You!

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