Parthenium (Carrot Grass / Congress Grass) - USA's Most Horrific Tactic to Harm Bharat (India)

Parthenium (Carrot Grass / Congress Grass) - USA's Most Horrific Tactic to Harm Bharat (India)

It was the time of Bharat (India) & Pakistan War (1965). It was the first war between both the countries since independence. You can think how was the situation at that time.

My country Bharat, was not at a good financial situation at that time of 1965. The current prime minister "Shri. Lal Bahadur Shastri", was fully trying to deal with this situation.

Lal Bahadur Shastri was one such Prime Minister whose car was on loan and after his death his wife repaid the loan of that car. Shastri ji has slogans like "Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan", "Upwas Karo!" 

Because of this it became Shastri ji very popular among motivating and stabilizing the people, people also liked him very much. In the war situation, the Prime Minister also requested the mothers and sisters to donate their ornaments, which many mothers also donated wholeheartedly.

At this point of time, Soviet Union (Russia) came into the matter and tried to settle the matter between both the countries. Russia proposed meeting at Taskent, there somehow Shastri ji died.

After the death of the Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister and as soon as she came, she asked for wheat donation from USA. Like today China sends wheat to Pakistan as there is food crisis, similar thing happened then.

USA being USA, sent very very low quality animal food wheat, to my country, despite knowing the situation. Not this, USA mixed a special type of spores (seeds) along with the weeds called "Parthenium" (Carrot Grass). This carrot grass is poisonous, and is only available in the USA.

Farmers at that time, were not employed. All the family members worked in the farm since morning till evening. All the people, kids, father, mother, grandparents, worked or spent their whole time in the farm, farming or helping eachother.

When they sowed the wheat seeds, which contains Weed "Parthenium" (Carrot Grass). But they were unaware of it at that time, and was tension free, as government gave the seeds to them, so they had the trust in the government.

Let me tell, you, "Parthenium" (Carrot Grass), can grow anywhere, it does not need anything except moisture and soil. One plant of it, from it's very young age, can produce thousands of seeds, which can be spread in the air and grow at unwanted places.

If a person is repeatedly in contact with this pollen grains of this plant. He can have the following health issues which are severe:

    1. Asthma

    2. Weak Lungs

    3. Hypersensitivity

    4. Allergy

At this point of time, USA's goal was  to weaken the farmer of my country! 

Also, when this plant grows, it grows very very fast, and absorbs fertilizers, resulting in the severe loss of Fertility in the soil of my country.

I can only conclude, that USA's goal was to:

    1. Weaken Farmer of my Country

    2. Kill People like a Silent Genocide due to Allergy / Hypersensitivity

    3. Increased Dependance on USA

    4. Make my country more and more weak, so it could loss the WAR with Pakistan.

    5. Bring a New Famine, in my Country.

I don't know why USA did this, but this is real.

I came to know about this while attending, Lecture 3, of Lakshya 2.0 2024 Batch, clip for the topic Pollen Allergy. I am very very thankful to Dr. Rishab Chaubey sir, for providing me with this information.

I also want to share, how USA kills civillians through high-tech weapons, you won't see these in news, but if you search for it one by one, you will know. Here are a list of events, where USA tested BOMBS on civillans:

Those who bomb civilians are considered war criminals??

• Germany, 1943 - 1945

• Italy, 1943 - 1945

• Hiroshima And Nagasaki, 1945 

• Korea, 1950-53

• Guaetemala, 1954

• Indonesia, 1958

• Cuba, 1959-1961

• Guatemala, 1960

• Iicongo, 1964

• Laos, 1964-73

• Vietnam, 1961-73

• Camboya, 1959-70

• Lebanon, 1983-1984

• Libia,1986

• El Salvador, 1980

• Nicaragua ,1980

• Iran, 1987

• Panama', 1989

• Iraq, 1991

• Kuwait, 1991

• Somalia, 1993

• Bosnia Herzegovina,  1994-1995

• Sudan, 1998 

• Afghanistan, 1998

• Yugoslavia, 1999

• Yemen, 2002

• Iraq, 1991-2003

• Iraq, 2003-2015

• Afghanistan, 2001-2015

• Pakistan, 2007-2015

• Yemen, 2009-2011

• Libya, 2011-2015

• Syria, 2014-2018

Bombing civilians are stopped in this world? Research from the data given above and you will get the answer to who and why to the same.

Thank you for reading, and you must share this! Thank you Rishab sir.

Do, comment whom do you think, are responsible for all this! As this Carrot Grass is still a major issue for farmers in my country today as of 2024. So, please find who is responsible and comment your opinions.

I am a passionate writer. Read more.

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